Contour Max gel cushion
Contour Max $214.95
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Maxima Gel Cushion 4
Maxima $159.95
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Optima Gel Cushion
Optima $89.95
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Supreme Gel Cushion
Supreme $129.95
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Traveler Gel Cushion
Traveler Gel Cushion $69.95
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Miracle Cushion – Pain Relieving Gel Seat Cushions of Tomorrow

So many people experience pain or discomfort while sitting!

Such a simple and necessary activity can bring both pain and discomfort that can make life uncomfortable and even miserable. Sitting for long periods of time often leads to pain, fatigue, aching joints and back problems that can become worse over time. 

There is a simple solution!

The incredibly engineered Miracle Cushion seat cushions provide serious comfort and pain relief, by eliminating pressure points. These unique gel chair and seat cushions offer a level of comfort not found anywhere – until now. The secret is in the patented "column buckling" design.

Made from space-age materials, Miracle Cushions are designed to reduce or even eliminate pressure. Relieving pressure alone can have some dramatic, beneficial, results. Experiencing pain when sitting can make anyone's life miserable. Miracle Cushion, as our countless testimonials indicate, has worked wonders with people who have tried many different types of cushions, sometimes at great expense. Watch the video on this page to see why our cushioning technology is superior and works so well.

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